entry to Pinewood Memorial Park in Greenville, North Carolina

Our History

More than 25 years after starting Wilkerson Funeral Home, the Wilkerson family developed Pinewood Memorial Park. Not only did they see a time in the not-to-distant future where more land would be needed for burial sites, but they also were striving to better serve the families who entrusted their loved ones to their care. The addition of Pinewood Memorial Park also enabled the funeral home and their staff to be a part of all aspects of a funeral and ensure that all details were carried out to the satisfaction of each individual family. Today, Pinewood Memorial Park continues to grow, adding not only grave sites but also, mausoleum buildings, Columbarium and niches to serve the communities needs. 

Our staff of more than 10 dedicated personnel, along with Funeral Home staff, work together to ensure the grounds are well kept and each service meets a family’s expectations.


Our dedicated staff are here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life.

Rickey Abbott
Cemetery Services
Jose Cisneros
Sr. Grounds Services
Don M. Wilkerson, Jr.
Licensed Funeral Staff