ground burial at Pinewood Memorial park with bronze grave markers and flowers

Ground Burial

Since opening in 1958, Pinewood Memorial Park has continued to develop and expand our ground burial options. Maintenance and care of our grounds is of utmost importance. It is our goal to create an environment of peace, tranquility and natural beauty to honor those that are buried here and as a comfort to those they leave behind.

Pinewood’s grounds are divided into 6 major sections, each offering their own unique features and plantings. They are: Bible, Dogwood, Floral Garden, Myrtle, Willow Oak, and Maplewood. On our “Grave Locator” page, you will find printable maps detailing each section. If you are interested in purchasing cemetery property, most of our current availability lies within the sections of Maplewood, Willow Oak, and Myrtle II. Please contact our office for more information on cemetery property availability and pricing.