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Pinewood specializes in bronze grave markers. As each marker is individually cast, bronze allows for an incredible amount of personalization. (See some of the many options available below.) We work with a variety of bronze manufacturers to offer markers in a range of sizes and price points. Markers sold by Pinewood may be placed in any area of our cemetery.  If you need a grave marker for a family, church or municipal cemetery, we can assist you in getting it ordered and installed. While bronze markers are our specialty, we recognize that some people prefer the look and feel of granite or marble. Although we do not sell granite or marble markers, we do serve as an agent for a local company that does, and we are able to assist our customers in designing and ordering a wide variety of granite or marble grave markers.


Marker Options

bronze grave marker with yellow flowers
square bronze grave maker with yellow flowers
large bronze grave marker
stone grave marker with two bronze plaques and red and white flowers
rectangle bronze maker with yellow flowers
double plaque bronze marker with flower in center

Marker Refinishing

As with any object left out in the elements, bronze markers may begin to lose their luster after a period of time.  One of the benefits of a bronze marker is that they can be refinished at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.  If you would like more information on marker refinishing (for a marker in Pinewood or another local cemetery), please contact our office.



restored grave maker with red and white flowers