mausoleum at Pinewood Memorial Park


For those who prefer above-ground entombment, Pinewood Memorial Park opened its first mausoleum building in 1985. It features an air-conditioned indoor chapel, where services may be held. Since then, three more buildings have been constructed. We began construction on the fourth building in late 2018, which is now completed. The new building features an open-air chapel with a vaulted ceiling. As with all our mausoleum buildings, this project also features a variety of niche banks for the placement of cremated remains. All mausoleum offerings utilize bronze markers and allow for vases to be installed.

A common misconception is that above ground entombment is more expensive that ground burial. While that can be the case, it is not necessarily true. All of our mausoleum buildings feature a variety of price options and it should be noted that the price of a mausoleum crypt includes the marker and allows for the use of the Mausoleum Chapel for the service, if desired. Also, while ground burial in Pinewood requires the use of a vault or outer burial container, the mausoleum crypt serves as the vault.

If you would like to learn more about our new project buildings or mausoleums in general, please call our office or complete the form on the “Contact Us” page and a member of our staff will follow up with you.