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We hope our Grave Locator section of the website will make it easy to find the burial place of your friend or loved one. To find a burial location:

  • Use the search bar to type in the name of the person you are searching. Start with the last name. (Please be patient – with more than 9,000 names in the database it will take a moment for your search to display the results.)
  • The full site map below is printable and will help you locate the grave section when you arrive at the cemetery. (To print, click on the printer icon – or access the map on your mobile device.)
  • After your search is complete a graph will appear with the name, date of birth and death, section of the cemetery where the grave is located (abbreviated), lot/tier and grave numbers. The full “Grave Space Recorded” is just all the information noted above put together.
  • Once you identify the section, click on the corresponding green bar below (each has the full name and the associated abbreviation) to display a diagram of the section with all grave number.


Grave Locator